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A.C. Grayling

Summer Reading

Summer 2017

Over the Summer, the Riverside Elementary School held a special summer program to improve reading and writing skills for first, second and third graders. The program, known as the Read to be Ready Summer Program, aims to help students who are not at grade level in their reading. So often, many students do not get the special attention they need and gets lost in the educational system. Backed by state grant funds, the program can hire teachers and take the students on field trips and allows many students from participating schools to get the help they need. Read more...

Dan Exam at JSU

July 5, 2017

Headed by Sensei Bob Scarano, JSU Shotokan holds some of the foremost high level karatekas from the Inland Region. On July 1st, they held a dan exam for one of their own - Matt Sintek. Sitting at the judges table were an impressive collection high ranking karatekas, culminating more than 40 years of karate experience. They were, Bob Scarano, Glen Ross, Henry Austin, Leo Shortle, Buddy Irwin, Dan Taylor, Scott Haga and Frank Almeida. If that wasn't intimidating enough, Matt was solo going for the test that day, and coming off a two hour class before the test, he had to dig down to summon his warrior spirit. He went through three of his katas, several bunkai, a series of grueling questions and three sparring sessions at the end. Finally, he succeeded and advanced to shodan. Congratulations Matt!

RFK Kyu Exam 1st quarter

March 25, 2017

We kicked off 2017 with our first quarter kyu exam on March 25th. Congratulations to those who advanced and thank you to all our senseis, senpais and brown belts for participating at the judges table. Depending on the examinee's belt level, the exam grading requires proficiency in their respective kata, kihon, kumite, impact, body action analysis and sparring.

There were a lot of folks who tested ranging from 9th to 7th kyu, as well as, both kids and adults. As with any test, nerves were high and the pressure was on, especially with family watching. A couple of students double tested, while other students kept their pace. Most of them did well on their katas, but the kumite was not quite up to par. Many did also well on kihon and impact, exhibiting their understanding of basic concepts. A few showed some surprising skills during the sparring sessions and displayed their tenacious fighting spirit. Overall there were strengths and weaknesses, but they all showed heart and determination.

Riverside Lunar Festival

January 28, 2017

The annual Riverside Lunar Festival celebrates the Asian Pacific American heritage and its influence in the Inland Region. Alongside observing the Chinese New Year, the celebration includes an Asian market place with cultural foods and shops, a spectacular parade, dance performances, arts and crafts displays, live music, fireworks and more.

This year it was on January 28th and Reading for Kicks made its presence once again. Typically, the students would pass out flyers, mingle with the crowd and promote the dojo; but this time, they decided to kick it up a notch. To get people's attention, the students performed various group katas and bunkai performances. The group katas included various belt levels, and their team spirit were very impressive. The bunkai performances showed the application of katas in a fighting scenario, and although it was intense, they were very exciting to watch. Judging by the crowd, the students really showed exceptional karate and the essence of karate spirit. Great job everyone! Let's do it again next year.

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